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Our History

Winton's 1898 Tavern 

at Westport Golf and Country Club

Winton’s 1898 Tavern, the newest addition to Westport Golf and named after the famed architect who expanded the course to its 18 championship holes, is the fruit of a major clubhouse makeover under new management.  The new restaurant, decorated with elegant Adirondack décor, offers a deliciously affordable meal that all can enjoy along with an evolving menu as we adapt to a local farm-to-table concept that the surrounding area is well known for. 
In addition to our food, we also offer a selection of beers, wines, and specialty cocktails with their own local twist like the ‘Winton’s Old Fashioned’.  Golfer or not, please stop in and enjoy the experience of Winton’s 1898 Tavern!
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